Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sephora Wonderful Dreams Palette Review

Okay, confession time: I think I'm in love with this palette. The packaging, to me, is adorable. Anything with sparkles or that is winter themed catches my eye. I just can't help it. I also love the way that it opens, rather than just a normal lid. It would be useful for traveling, as it's quite small. Also, I think that the names of the shades are perfect.
The first row includes two matte and two shimmery shadows.
Chantilly Lace
This is the perfect white shimmer shadow. I think it works well both in the inside corner of your eye or over your entire lid.
Marron Glace
I'm lucky, as this matches my eyebrows almost perfectly. I also like to use it in my crease when wearing a gold eye.
Crystal Ball
This is a gorgeous silver shimmer that I just love. It's not very highly pigmented, but I think that it can work well if you don't want a look that's too intense.
Midnight Swim
Alright, I haven't used this one at all. I don't have a problem with it, it's just that I never wear black eyeshadow.
The second row also contains two matte and two shimmery shadows.
Soft Cookie
Again, I got really lucky with the shades. This one matches my skin tone almost perfectly, and I love using it for a nude eye look and to highlight my brow bone.
Toasted Almond
To be honest, I'm very disappointed that this isn't more pigmented, because this is a lovely shade. However, it still works well for a nude eye.
Pretty Sunrise
This is my favourite shade in the palette, hands down. It's such a gorgeous gold, and love to wear it in a gilded look.
Hot Cocoa
Again, I don't use this very much, but I think that it's a very nice shade. I may have to use it more now!

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Wonderful Dreams Palette, and think that the shades are very versatile. 
Have you tried this palette? What do you think of it?


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dressing For Holiday Parties

I know that it's a little late to share tips for holiday parties, but I think that you could apply some of these to parties any time of the year. You also may have a few straggling holiday parties left! My first tip is to dress for the type of party you're going to. For example, if you're going somewhere where you'll be dancing, make sure that you wear fairly comfortable shoes.
This is one of my favourite dresses for holiday parties. It's comfortable and casual, which leads me to my second point: wear something that you're comfortable in. If you're not comfortable in it, than you'll be focusing on being uncomfortable instead having fun at the party. Make sure that you've worn your outfit before, you know if it gets more uncomfortable as time wears on.
This relates to my second point, but make sure that you love what you're wearing. If you don't, what's the point of wearing it? This necklace is actually my mom's, I've loved it and admired it for as long as I can remember. You can try to incorporate a piece like that into your outfit, it can make it a little bit more special.
The Black Tux also has a very helpful guide for dressing for Holiday Parties. I'm not very good at the technical aspects of dressing for parties, so I thought that sharing this may help some of you. But overall, I think that the bottom line of dressing for any party is to wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing. You can check out The Black Tux tuxedo and suit rentals here.

Outfit Details:
Dress: old similarsimilar
Necklace: old
Shoes: old 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

December Favourites

December was such a long month for me. Not necessarily in a bad way, just that there was so much going on in my life. I didn't really have many chances to go out and buy anything new, so I don't have as many favourites as I usually do. I hope that you like the ones that I do have, though!
I know I've mentioned this palette before, but I just love it. It's the perfect mix between magical but easy to wear shades. It also varies between shimmery and matte shades. Even though this isn't as important, I think that the packaging itself is adorable and so are the names.
Ok, so I'm not using this the way it's meant to be used. Instead of using it on parts of me that need to be relaxed, I use it on dry patches. Surprisingly, it works well. I always use it before bed, and the scent it very relaxing, so I should probably try using it for it's intended purpose.
This mask is very cheap, so I wasn't expecting much from it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Before taking a bath I put some of it on my face and my chest, and then wash it off after about 10 minutes. It instantly makes my skin look refreshed and glowing. The only problems I have with it is how sticky it is and the smell of it, but I can deal with those little issues for the result it gives.
 I love gold eyeshadow. Lately, I've been using this as a sort of a primer for the shade Pretty Sunrise in the wonderful dreams palette, and I think it gives a nice and unique effect. This also works very well on it's own, and is highly pigmented.
David's Tea Snow Day
This tastes like the liquid form of peppermint chocolate Girl Guide cookies. I absolutely love it! It's a very refreshing tea, but cozy and comforting at the same time. I wasn't expecting it to taste so much like chocolate, but that made me love it even more. Also, the little snowflake shaped sprinkles in it are adorable!
David's Tea Cardamom French Toast
My friend gave this so me for Christmas, and I think I'm obsessed with it. It's so cozy, with a little bit of spice. I'd love to try an actual cardamom French toast after drinking this tea!
To me, this is the perfect winter morning scent. It's light and refreshing and instantly makes me a little more awake. It's refreshing and rejuvenating, and I always reach for it when I light a candle in the morning.
In contrast to the Sugared Berries candle, I think that this is the perfect winter evening candle. It's warm and cozy and makes me want to snuggle up with my cat and a good book. This is also a lovely candle to light when I'm taking a bath at night.

Have you tried any of these? What were some of your favourite things in December?