Sunday, 25 October 2015

Taking A Break

All of this was so much easier to say in my head. 
Goodbyes are always hard.
I need to take a break from the blogging world.

All of this made so much more sense to me last night when I was in bed, thinking it all over. I really DO need a break from the blogging world, but I have no idea of how long.
So I just wanted to thank you all before I completely disappear off of the face of the blogging earth. I really appreciate every one of you who have ever read of commented on my posts, you've made this such a wonderful experience for me.
If you've been reading my posts lately, you'll understand how busy I've been. And really, leaving blogging is just a shift of priorities, and of focusing on the things that are most important to me.

I'll miss all of you ♥

Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Prettiest Packaging

I know that you shouldn't judge a product by its packaging, but sometimes it's hard not to. Especially when the packaging is just so cute! So I rounded up the products in my stash with the cutest packaging I could find. Just so that you know, there's not a lot in this list, because there wan't many products that stood out to me as much as these ones did. 

Yes, I know that this is a seasonal product. But honestly, I've been using it all year! Not only do I love the shades, but I think the packaging is just too cute. Who can resist such a cute winter-themed print?

2. NYX Prismatic Shadow in Tin
You can't really see from the photo, but in the front, there's an adorable little bow. I got this for my Halloween costume without even realizing how cute it is. I think that it's the perfect example minimalistic yet cute packaging!

3.  The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll
This is another seasonal product, but they have some of the cutest packaging. Honestly, I think that this may be the cutest of all the ones I featured. I did get this for it's packaging, so it's a good thing that this works as well as it does!

4. Mark First Blush
Who can resist a cute blush? This one has such a pretty pattern, I almost didn't want to use it. I love it's floral pattern, along with the little highlighter in the middle.

5. Benefit The Porefessional
I think that all of Benefit's products are adorable, and this is no exception. I only got a mini version, but it has so many little details! Even the box that it came in is cute, not just practical.

Have you tried any of these before? Do you have any products with super cute packaging?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Turquoise + Lace

There's something about this shade of turquoise that's just so vintage. I've never once seem a piece of clothing newly made this colour, and maybe that's part of it's charm. I love the way its used in this dress, with the lace and the bow of the same fabric.
As some of you may know, my style is mainly influenced by the 50s. When I saw this little dress in a vintage shop, though, I knew I had to get it. I estimated it to be made somewhere in the 60s, because of both the style and the way it was made.

 I honestly don't have much to say about this outfit, except for how much I love this dress. It's a little out of season now, though. I was practically freezing when I took these photos, it was a cold morning and I was above the river.
I'm also sorry that there are so few photos today! Not very many of them turned out the way I wanted them to ♥

Vintage Dress
Old Tights similar

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Staying On Top Of Your Schedule

Looking at this title, you'd probably think that I'm in no way qualified to write it. I haven't been able to stick to my blogging schedule, after all. I'm even late on this post! I would, however, like to get better with staying in schedule. So I thought that I'd share with you some things that would help me when I am on schedule.
1. My Planner
I use my planner all of the time. It totally gives me the illusion of being productive! It's one of my favourite ways to stay organized, and it really works for me.

2. Apps
I have TONS of organization apps. I find though, that they really work for me! If you don't want to use an app, I would suggest to do lists. I love the feeling of crossing out something that you accomplished, weather it be on a screen or on paper.

3. Pretty materials
You're so much more likely to use something if you like the way it looks. One of my favourite things to do is to put lots of cute stickers on my planner pages. They seem like they wouldn't do much, but they always give me a little boost of motivation!

4. A positive attitude
I know, this sounds so cheesy. But it really does help! Motivation can go a long way. I know that the days I'm motivated, I get so much more done than I think I ever could.

How do you stay organized and on top of your schedule?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

5 Tantalizing Topcoats

Everybody loves a good topcoat. Whether it be a loud, glitter-packed one, or a simple clear coat, there's something for everyone. Personally, I can never make up my mind. Some days I love the brightest topcoat I can find, and sometimes I'll just go with a clear one.
 So, I've decided to share my 5 favourites with you! Hopefully, there's something here for everyone. Just so you know, I've mentioned lots of these in previous posts. If I've reviewed or swatched them, I'll link them for you, just in case you're interested.
I got this in a set, and I absolutely love it! It's the perfect colour for autumn, as it has light pink/purple glitter of different sizes in it. I mentioned and swatched it here.
This is another polish that's quite autumnal. It's a really pretty gold colour, and very versatile. Honestly, I think it would work for any season! I reviewed it here.
I used this a while ago, but I remember being very impressed with the glitter concentration. It has very small pieces, and lots of them. The only problem it has, along with most of the glitter polishes I've tried, is that it's quite stubborn to get off.
I picked this up a long time ago, and almost forgot about it. It's a really nice addition to a plain polish, and gives a wonderful matte effect. It also really enhances the colour of every polish I've tried it on.
Alright, so this technically isn't supposed to be a topcoat. I think that it works really well as one, though! It seems to make my polish last longer than it normally would, which I love.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite topcoat?

Friday, 2 October 2015

A Beginner's Guide To Tea

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I love tea. I'm still much of a beginner when it comes to teas, but I thought that I'd share what little knowledge I have. I wish that I'd had a list like this when I was staring at the shelves upon shelves of tea, wondering where to start. If I'm wrong about about anything, feel free to correct me!
Caffeinated Teas

White Tea
White tea is similar to green and black tea, but contains more antioxidants. I haven't tried many white teas, and they don't seem to be as popular as most of the other types I mention. When I have tried white tea, it seems to be with mango. I would suggest steeping white tea for around 5 minutes.

Green Tea
I'm sure we've all had green tea before! You can find many different variations of green tea and many different blends. It can be quite strong, and I would recommend only steeping it for 2-3 minutes.

Black Tea
Black tea is a very common type of tea. It comes in many different flavours and variates, can be served with cream and sugar, in a latte, or plain. Black tea can be very strong, so I try not to steep it too long. I would suggest steeping it for around 3 minutes.

Caffeine Free Teas 

I love rooibos! They some in endless flavours, and are caffeine free. I would recommend serving it without cream and sugar, as it doesn't get too strong. I would suggest steeping a rooibos tea for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Herbal Tea
There are endless variations to a herbal tea. In my opinion, I think that they're quite like rooibos teas, but with more natural flavours. Herbal teas can also be quite weak, so I would recommend steeping them for a minimum of 5 minutes.

What are your favourite types of tea?