Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Photo Editing Tutorial

Today I have a little photo editing tutorial for you. Enjoy! :)
I started with this photo. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make the whole picture black and white except for the heart.

To start, you will need to have a normal version of your photo and a black and white version of your photo.

If you don't have a black and white version, go to Pixlr Express. Upload your photo and choose adjustment-->color-->saturation-->-100

Save your picture as a different file then your original.

Then go to Pixlr Editor and upload your original photo.

Then click on layer-->open image as layer.
Choose your black and white version.

Then click on the eraser tool on the left side.
Change the brush size to 200 and erase the part you want colored (you don't have to make it perfect right now. Just make sure you only erase inside the part you want colored, not outside).

Now go to view-->zoom in and do that about 5 times. Change your brush size to 20 or 30 and start to erase along the edges.

Thats it! Make so to save your photo. :)